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Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities and Revenue

The solution: Pay As You Go Telephone Answering

- Have your calls answered by our professional receptionists

- Calls answered in your business name

- We will take accurate messages and send them to you by email

- Capture every call and enhance your business image

- No contracts, no monthly fees - just pay as you go


Quick update, this hastaken so long but we are busier than ever. Visitors and search engine increases are much advanced of our expectations and am confident that our 2-3 year targets are obtainable meaning lots more visitors to the site and more visitors to your sites. You should be able to see your 'direct' visitor numbers from your stats packages.

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The meeting minutes were sent out quite late in the month this time. we are quite hectic with work as wedding season is in full swing now, not to mention the kids and moving house! As practically all members were present I did not rush to get them out, and had hoped that the other members of my team would fill in on on what was discussed! I will endeavour to get them out sooner next month


With regards to the meeting beforehand,¬†everything¬†that is discussed is minuted, and we all then summarises what we have discussed when everyone arrives for the general meeting. I do not record the discussions as two separate meetings as I would end up just repeating myself. All members are very welcome to attend the meeting and we are always looking for more help and more input from members. I feel that the most important aspect of our group is the networking aspect, and making connections and forming relationships with other people working in our industry. Pooling all of our collective knowledge makes us the best wedding networking group around and that’s why we are always happy to have input from all of our members! The work hard to do the “boring” administrative parts, to allow the majority of our members the maximum time possible at meetings to network or learn from guest speakers.


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