Here is a full survey example for a Chocolate Fountain company client:


1. How did you first get involved with chocolate fountains?

2. How many guests does a chocolate fountain serve?

3. One of your package promises lots of different dipping items!  Which are the
most popular?

5. I've tasted your chocolate, and it's amazing.  What's the secret?

6. What's your favourite part of the job?

4. What areas do you cover?

7. How far in advance do couples need to book you?

8. And finally, what makes your company special?


A1. We were planning our wedding and like all bride and grooms to be, we were out looking for inspiration. We went to a big wedding show back in early 2004 in looking for ideas. We spotted a woman with a chocolate fountain that probably sat about 30" tall which was flowing with chocolate, some dishes with some  different dips in them and nothing very fancy about any of it but the chocolate was the attraction. Both being chocoholics. We chatted at length with the company about her services while i was listening but also chating to the stand next to the fountain. This lady did not sell her services well but still we booked the fountain and paid the deposit for our wedding. When we left the show i said to my wife to be that i was not happy with what she had booked and the fact the lady had asked for £10 petrol money to travel to the wedding really turned me off the whole idea from the company that had been booked.

I got home and promptly rang the company that was still at the show and cancelled the booking.
I asked my partner to leave me for a couple of hours, in the dinning room. I sat in the dinning room and wrote out a business plan. Two hours later i handed this to my partner and said here you are. We will have our own business. We will have our own fountain at our own wedding. We launched our business in 2004. We are just about to complete 6 years in the chocolate fountain business.

A2. Chocolate fountains can serve as little or as many as you want.  We run three different size machines. 19" which will serve 20/25 guests  44" and 50" machines these we use from 50 guests upwards. When the 50" machine is full of chocolate it will serve 450 guests in one go. All machines can have chocolate added if needed.

A3. We promise a minimum of 17 different dipping items. the reason for this is the more there is to choose from on the table the more you will come back and try something new. The main ones are Strawberries, Marshmallows and profiteroles.

A4. The chocolate we use is a high quality Belgian chocolate. Its smooth and very creamy and smells fantastic. Im not letting out our secrets about our chocolate. All i will say is the price we charge for the packages we offer we give you alot for your money including the high quality chocolate.

A5. I love meeting people and interacting with everyone. When you love chocolate like we do, its everyones dream to work with chocolate. See peoples faces and expressions while eating and tasting our sensational chocolate. We meet people from all different walks of life from the famous to the every day person, and we have fun with everyone.

A6. We are based in Essex, so we cover Essex, Suffolk and Herts, mainly but are prepared to travel outside of these areas on request. 

A7. Customers are booking us for 2012 and we are taking enquiries for 2013 already, but then i have just got an enquiry for 10 days time. The later you leave booking us the less chance you have on availability. There are several dates in the summer of 2012 that are already booked.

A8. Our company offers an established chocolate fountain service that has built up good working relationships with many venues. We pride ourselves in what we do. Our displays are colour themed to blend in with your colour scheme. All our brides are given a personalised apron (bib) to protect their dress. Giving you the confidence to dip and enjoy. All big machines have two menbers of staff. A minimum of 17 different dipping items. At the moment our tables are having between 19 and 21 different items. Loads to choose from, keeps the fountain busy. We are now one of the longest established chocolate fountain companies. Let us tantalise you taste buds at your next function. feel free to visit us

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