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We offer a world class vehicle care service. Specialising in mobile valleting, we can offer a vehicle cleaning solution for anyone, including intense paint correction, to a simple valet due to the wide range of products used, this includes the new Scratch resistant also known as the nano-particle clear coat. We use Swissvax, 3M, Dodo Juice, and some of the most exotic vehicle care systems amongst others to ensure the best finish and protection for the job.


Customer service & satisfaction is our main priority. If you own an old car or a Bugatti we will endeavor to offer the best possible finish. We can also offer a fully detailed write up including pictures of each step for the owner (Only available with enhancement, and major correction details) for more information contact us.

If you are looking at the services available and thinking "that's pricey" then try looking at it from a different perspective, a thorough detail is worth anything from £250+ if you consider this carried out can increase the residual value of your average car by 4 times this amount at least... Great idea if you plan to sell your pride an joy, and want as much as possible out of the sale.

Over the past few years we have developed our passion for perfection in cars, and realised that not many people enjoy spending anywhere up to 60+ hours on a single vehicle. so let us passionately perfect your pride an joy.


The "Full Correction" detail is for vehicles with more severe paint defects and is inclusive of all paint surface designed details above, plus a full correction of defects such as heavy swirls, light scratches, etching, and marring caused by bug remains, bird droppings, and poor wash techniques. This is done by using ultra high quality compounds and polishes and can involve anything up to 4 stages to meet the desired level of correction. We can usually guarantee 99% of defect removal, By restoring the condition of the paint work to near perfection, and a higher quality turnout from when it rolled out of the manufacturers, the high cost of this detail is usually fully made up by upping the residual value of the vehicle, it’s a great idea to have this detail carried out right before you plan to sell the vehicle, or if you have just purchased your pride an joy and think it could look a lot better…


    38-40 stage process

-     Vehicle is rinsed at high pressure
-     Vehicle is covered in a citrus Snow foam and left to dwell for 5 minutes whilst going round badges, door gaps and window seals with a detailing brush.
-     Vehicle is rinsed
-     Remove & clean wheels using a acid free wheel cleaner and remove tar
-     Fully clean inner arches and remove tar
-     Carefully refit Wheels
-     Hand wash vehicle using the 2 bucket method and a PH Neutral Shampoo also using a natural lambs wool wash mitt
-     spray lower half of vehicle with tar remover and wipe with a soft microfibre
-     Vehicle rinsed
-     Clay bar is used to remove the remaining paintwork contamination using a dedicated lubricant (Tar, fallout, overspray etc…)
-     Snow foam applied to vehicle once more to remove clay lubricant
-     vehicle is rinsed once again
-     Dried using a soft microfibre drying towel (inc. wheels)
-     Mask up around the windows and trim using 3M tape
-     Take paint depth measurements using electronic device and log details 
-     Wet sand any marks prior to polishing to help remove (Taking regular paint depth measurements)
-     2-4 stage machine polish to remove paint defects (swirls, RDS, bird etchings, marring, etc…)
-     Buff off polish residue
-     IPA wipe down to remove oils left behind from polishing stages
-     Machine apply  a special non abrasive glaze, and buff to a mirror finish
-     Machine polish & buff glass
-     Apply sealant to all glass and buff to perfection 
-     Apply coat of sealant by hand to the whole vehicle
-     Buff off sealant
-     Apply 2nd coat of sealant by hand
-     Buff off sealant to a shine
-     Apply 1 coat of carnuaba wax to the whole vehicle (a selection of waxes to choose from)
-     Buff off to a mirror finish
-     Apply 1 coat of sealant to all wheels
-     Buff of wheel sealant
-     Apply tyre dressing
-     Dress inner arches
-     Clean & polish all chrome and exhaust trims
-     Dress all exterior plastics
-     Clean door shuts
-     Wax door shuts
-     Final inspection


From £695.00 (3-5 day booking)

Please note if the car takes longer than the time allocated, an additional charge of £100.00 Per day will be chargeable.


Size Category

Tier 1:  Small
Fiesta, Corsa Etc…
Tier 2: Medium
Focus, Astra Etc…
Tier 3: Large
Insignia, A4/A5 Etc…
Tier 4: XL
Range Rover, Cayenne Etc…


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