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Personal Stylist and brand consultant [clients name], along with her hand picked team, provide a very personal experience for those needing a fresh perspective on their current lifestyle or personal and professional image.

It’s common to get stuck in a style rut, lose sight of your individuality and waste money on clothes that you never wear or that don’t suit you.  Looking stylish on the outside will radiate your confidence and self esteem on the inside, helping you achieve all your personal and professional goals.

It’s easy to slip into building a home that is cluttered and distracting. You find you no longer enjoy having guests round, and that it’s hard to relax in the place you should feel most comfortable. Creating a great space that you want to be in and that reflects your personality can positively affect every element of your life.


For some it comes naturally, others may need a little help to achieve it but the great news is every one of us can create their own fabulous style. It’s about finding what outfits and colours suit you, your shape, your personality and your lifestyle. Receiving advice and guidance from an Image Consultant can help you to define your own personal style and achieve a polished look for your professional life. A new look can be life changing and we are here to help you achieve that.

Fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating! Ultimately, we want your experience with us to be an enjoyable one and with the end result that you look and feel great. It’s not about pushing our tastes or the current trends onto you. We want to encourage your own personal growth and understanding of what works for you to create a unique and individual look so eventually you won’t need us anymore.

Wardrobe Weeding

  • A four hour meeting in your home going through every item of your current wardrobe
  • Seperating what is to be kept and what is to go!
  • Identify key items needed to update your existing wardrobe
  • Simplify everyday dressing

We will come to your home and do some hands on sorting through your wardrobe deciding together which items to keep, edit, sell or give to charity. We will rearrange your wardrobe in a clear and logical way so that the next time you indulge in some retail therapy you will have a much clearer idea of what you own and what you actually need.
We will offer advice on missing key items and where to buy them or arrange a personal shopping day to accompany you. We will offer advice on how to make the most of your existing wardrobe more effectively.

Personal Styling and Shopping

  • Improving fashion knowledge
  • Learning how to dress for your body shape, accessorise successfully, maximise what you buy, and what colours best suit you.
  • Buying items to complement existing wardrobe
  • Updating overall look

In the initial telephone consultation Deborah will ask you to take a look through some magazines, pulling out images of items you like the look of or of celebrities who’s style you admire and would like to emulate. She will also ask you about what you are hoping to achieve from the sessions, weather it’s getting promoted at work, getting back on the dating scene or simply re invigorating your existing look and style.
At the second meeting we will come to your home and go through your magazine research so we can get and feel for what your ideal style is. We will compare this with your current look, talking through what you all ready have in your wardrobe and establishing what key items are missing in order to update and refresh your look, getting you closer to the one you want to achieve. We will talk to you about what colours and styles best suit you along with tips on what shapes and trends will work best for you.
We will accompany you on a shopping day, working within your budget combining high street ‘must haves’ with classic investment pieces. We will advise on the current trends including make up and hair and how to work them with your own personal style to create a unique and individual look.

Event Shopping
Are you the mother of the bride looking for the perfect outfit or simply going to an event and want to stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you have an important interview or date coming up but are stressing about what to wear to make the right impression? Whatever your outfit dilemma, have your problem solved with a personal stylist who will get you kitted out from head to toe and save you pain staking hours and any dress code embarrassments to ensure your ensemble is the most talked about for all the right reasons!
In this package we do the hard work for you. At the initial consultation we will discuss the event you are attending and ideas about the kind of look you would like to achieve. We will then go out and identify possible outfits for you, showing you the styles that flatter your figure and ensure the chosen outfit will have you looking drop dead gorgeous.

You will accompany us on the final shopping trip, trying on items we have selected for you and deciding on the completed look. We will advise on any alterations you might need to tweak your outfit to perfection, give you some styling tips on how to work your look, and find the best accessories to really bring your outfit together.
When you walk around your home do you feel relaxed, in control and surrounded by things you love and that reflect your life today?  If not, then your home is probably being taken over by clutter.


When your living space is jumbled and unorganised it is easy to rub off and affect the way you live your personal life. We aim to make your life run smoother and for your home to be a calmer and well-organised environment. Clearing through the muddle of old, broken, sentimental things you no longer use or love can be daunting. Our clutter consultant works with you to get rid of what you don’t need and reorder your home.

Letting go of clutter and rearranging your home will help your life flow freely so you have more time to enjoy yourself. After de cluttering you will have a more relaxing home, where everything has its place. It will save you time that was previously wasted looking for things and save you energy and stress. You will enjoy the lighter feeling when you look around your home and love what you see.

Home De cluttering


  • Assessment
  • Hands on sorting of clutter
  • Re organisation of kept items and rooms
  • Removal of clutter to charity shop, tip or selling on Ebay


When we arrive the first thing we'll do is ask you to give us a quick 'tour' around. It's totally up to you what you show us, but whatever it's like, we seen it all before. Together we'll identify the place or places in your home that causes you and your family the most frustration, weather it’s the attic or the whole house.
There is not “one step” for getting organised. Personality types, work styles, and environmental influences, will all have an influence on what works best for someone. What we want to do is learn about you, how you like to live, what style of organisation is natural to you and what you hope to achieve from the session. With our help, we will determine the areas in which you want to improve, including clutter control, time management, maximizing storage space, or juggling projects and priorities.

Working together in your home, room by room, we will assess what can be recycled, discarded, sold, taken to a charity shop or kept. You will need to be open and ready for change, with us at your side to guide, advise, teach and support you. Working with one of our consultants will help you to see your belongings in a different way and once we get started, most people find they are motivated and more open to let go of things they have held on to in the past

Once we've weeded out the clutter, it's time to organise what's left. We look at the best way to use your space, helping you find a place for everything, most often people find that they do not require any further storage, just to use the storage they have in a different way. There is no right or wrong, it’s right if it works for you.

We also help with the items and clutter you no longer want. We can find the right place to sell anything of value that you no longer need and take your unwanted clothes, shoes toys etc to a deserving charity shop of your choice.

At the end of each session we'll look at what's been achieved and the best way for you to continue after we've left, we aim is to equip you with the systems, habits, and the tools, to manage the change so that your life becomes simplified, leaving those periods of feeling overwhelmed in the past.


Personal Brand Development
Personal brand development and marketing uses commercial and social marketing principles to help us succeed at goals we have chosen for ourselves. It’s powerful concept that can really help improve your life and achieve your personal and professional goals.  Your brand should have its own marketing plan We will help you create a plan to develop yourself for a successful career.  Look at yourself as the product and even the best ones, won't succeed without a strong marketing strategy. This is not just about the way you look physically, or present yourself through business and social networking opportunities but it should also include your office and home.  Your office is a reflection of your business and how well it’s doing.  Your home should be a peaceful, calming  expression of your personality.



  • Picking a goal
  • Situation Analysis
  • Career overview
  • Personal key strengths summary
  • Building your Personal Marketing campaign

Personal marketing can help you with many different kinds of goals. To start this process, pick one that you’d most like to work on, such as: Getting a better job, or performing better at the one you have, Improve yourself mentally, physically and improve your relationships with other people.
Next, we will take an honest look at you. What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the goal you have chosen? What resources do you bring to the table? Where will your challenges be? What factors outside yourself represent opportunities and threats to your success? What or who is your competition? What have you already tried? We think it’s helpful to write down your answers to the questions as we go along.

Your Career Overview is an important part of your situation analysis and something key for an employer. We will talk through it with you making sure you have an interesting storyline which is articulate, clear and succinct, highlighting your strengths and achievements.

Next we discuss your Personal Key Strengths summary. Don't be too worried if, like a lot of us you have some difficulty when it comes to talking about yourself. The preparation of some self-marketing, personally spoken “Presentation” statements can give you a real edge when it comes to your turn to talk about yourself and your most powerful skills and attributes. "Tell me about yourself" is by far the most common job interview question and is often the first thing that is actually asked of you.

Once we have your key strengths clearly outlined we can start working on building your Personal Marketing campaign.  This starts by looking deeper at yourself, finding out what motivates you to succeed..


Image Consultancy

  • Defining Your Corporate Style
  • Creating A Positive First Impression and dressing for an interview/ meeting/ new job
  • Improving fashion knowledge
  • Learning how to dress for your body shape, accessorise successfully, maximise what you buy, and what colours best suit you.

We will be working with you to create an image and working wardrobe that becomes synonymous with the work you are doing. Our personal branding will enhance and make an impact on your career development, addressing appropriate business wear (formal or smart casual), personal grooming and behavior.
Executives who regularly appear in the media need to develop the right personal brand and enhancing his or her overall image for all situations that conveys self-assurance and inner confidence.


Starting a new job is a time when you need to use your personal brand development skills to make sure you fit in. You want your look to make you stand out in a classic professional and chic way, but you also need t fit in to the general look and atmosphere of your work and your colleagues.




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